Friday, April 3, 2015

Dash Dolls: I'm Sorry, What?

The Kardashians are getting another show. ANOTHER SHOW. 

When I saw this post on Instagram, I wasn't the least bit surprised. Kourney and [insert sister] Take [insert exciting, new city], Khloe and Lamar, Kim's Fairytale Wedding, and Bruce Jenner's upcoming docuseries have shown us that if there is a possibility for the Kardashians to make a spinoff reality show, they will. 

Don't get me wrong - I keep up with the Kardashians hard. I love a good binge watch, and I was ecstatic that so many seasons have recently been put on Hulu. But that's the thing - I keep up with the Kardashians. I like their family drama, their sarcasm, and I daydream about living their extravagant lifestyle. Malika is fine I guess, but seeing her on KUWTK doesn't make me want to watch her on her own. I see Dash Dolls being a lot like Vanderpump Rules, but even more dramatic because it will be an entirely female cast. 

I just don't have the capacity to care about more reality stars. I can't. I'm just so tired. Plus, why would I want to watch a Kardashian show without the possibility of quips from Lord Disick? 


  1. I've never watched the Kardashians on anything, so I only have one question: is that guy's mouth usually full when he says something snarky?

  2. Why in the world are they famous?!! Can't stabd em' but love this post and your blog!!! Happy Easter