Friday, March 6, 2015

Wedding Dress Shopping: Tips and Tricks

Say Yes to the Dress has shaped how we think of wedding dress shopping. We've all learned some helpful tricks from the show: Don't bring your fiance, don't bring too many women, don't bring a Negative Nancy. But aren't these all kind of obvious? I wanted to share some tips that I learned when shopping for my own wedding dress that I would have liked to know beforehand! 

Do: Research shops and pay attention to their price points. I fell in love with a wedding dress that I would pass every day on my way to work. After looking up the shop, I realized that their dresses were way out of my budget. I'm glad I looked before trying it on, falling in love, and then having to walk away. 

Do: Keep in mind the style of wedding that you want to have. I think princess dresses are gorgeous, but that style wouldn't have fit with our more simplistic, rustic venue. 

Don't: Go into a boutique dead set on one dress, or even one style of dress. Half the fun is trying on a bunch of different things, and you might be surprised by what you fall in love with. 

Do: Go into a boutique with a general idea of what you like in a wedding dress and be able to describe it. I told my stylist that I liked really detailed backs, and she took that to mean that I wanted a high neckline, which no.

Don't: Be afraid to accessorize. My dress was so-so on its own, but as soon as a waist accent and a veil was added, bam! Stunning. 

Do: Wear underwear you aren't embarrassed to have a stranger see. (Nude is best.) Your stylist will likely be in the fitting room pulling dresses on and off of you. They will see what you've got going on under your dresses.

Don't: Stress out if you don't stick to your shopping schedule. I had planned to visit a second bridal shop, but I found my perfect dress at the first. Some say that you should check out all of your options, but I didn't want to drive all over town if I didn't need to!  

Do: Let your Maid of Honor pick out one dress that both of you absolutely hate. Try it on even though your stylist doesn't want you to for sake of time. 

(The most important) Do: Go out for mimosas to celebrate when it's all over, even if it isn't anywhere close to brunch time. 

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  1. These are all great tips! When I went dress shopping back in November I had made 2 appointments and fell in love with a dress at the first place went to lunch and all I could think about was that one dress. My moms best friend came from out of state and she wanted to make a whole day out of it so we went to the second place but left after just looking around and went right back to the 1st store tried it on with the veil and belt and I said yes to the dress! It was such a fun moment!