Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Helping Our Dog with Separation Anxiety

We are Loki's third set of owners this year. We noticed right away that he hated being left alone - he would follow us around the house and cry by the door if one of us left to go to work or run errands. We built a little house for him under our basement stairs, and we would have to walk him by the collar to get him to go inside. Little by little, Loki seems like he's understanding that we won't leave him alone for hours and hours and that we're not going to take him back to the pound. He's stuck with us!  

During the first month that we had Loki, we did some work with him to help his mitigate anxiety. I'm not trained in animal behavior, but this is what's worked for us!

- Keep a routine. Whether you crate your dog or let him have the run of the house, make sure that you're consistent about where you leave him and what you leave him with. 

- Stimulation is key - make sure your dog has something to do while he's alone. We fill a large KONG toy with peanut butter and dog food, and he only plays with it while we're gone. We also leave a radio on low so that he's not sitting in silence all day. 

- Pay attention to your dog when you are at home! The Humane Society told us that Loki had a tendency to destroy things that were left laying around the house, but I think it's just because he was bored! We play with him and pet him constantly, and we've never had a problem leaving shoes or things out.

- Every dog is different - ask your vet for even more ideas! 

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  1. we're working on training our new puppy now; she hates when we leave so these are great tips! Loki is lucky to have you guys and be in a nice home :)