Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to Survive Holiday Shopping + a Giveaway

Real life - I've been working on my Christmas shopping since July. That's not even just the crafts that I give myself months to make; I've actually been slowly ordering presents on Amazon for months! (It's easier on my bank account this way, but mostly I just get so excited to give presents!) Anyways, there's always at least a few presents that I need to buy once it gets to be December, but I absolutely dread hitting the stores this time of the year. Today I'm sharing my tips for how to survive holiday shopping without going too crazy! 

Start early and buy online. Try to minimize the number of store that you need to visit. Shoppers and store employees always seem to get more and more angry/stressed the closer it gets to Christmas. Try to get as much done early and online to avoid the bad attitudes!

Wear headphones. I know that some people think this is rude or distracting, but I love shopping with headphones in. It puts me in my own little world, and I don't have to listen to babies screaming or people arguing over the last something at a store. (Normal people would listen to Christmas music while Christmas shopping, but I usually put on some Kanye/Jay Z/Beyonce and I'm good to go.) 

Look for little ways to save. Maybe it's just me, but I haven't seen all that many in-store discounts this season. I use my Target debit REDcard to save 5% on every purchase. I love that it isn't another credit card - it's linked right to my checking account and doesn't accumulate a balance. 

If you can, avoid the busy hours. Between traffic, parking lot craziness, and in-store business, hitting the stores after 5pm or on the weekends can be a huge pain. If possible, try to do your shopping during the day during the week. This isn't an option for me, so I try to go shopping either early or late on the weekends! 

Treat Yo Self. I firmly believe that, as an adult, the holidays are a great excuse to treat yourself to a present or two. If you're brave enough to brave the overcrowded stores, pick yourself up a scarf or a bottle of nail polish. Only need $7 to get free shipping? Snag the book you've been dying to read before the New Year. (It's basically free anyways, right?) 

Don't always stick to your list. I'm such a planner, and I love making lists. I've found, however, that some of my favorite gifts to give are ones that I hadn't even thought of until I see them in a store! Having a list/budget is great, but be open to surprises and changes as well! 

In case you're not in the mood to fight your way through stores, check out this amazing Kate Spade giveaway! 

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  1. I am going to implement your start Christmas shopping in July because that is a wonderful idea. Right now my bank account is slowly going lower and lower and I get nervous when it hits below a certain amount. So I love the idea of starting so early!

  2. Yes! I love when I "have" to order something for myself to get free shipping :)