Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Traditions

I'm going to start this post by saying that I was blessed with an absolutely incredible childhood, especially around the holidays. Besides the traditional cookie baking and tree picking-out and decorating, growing up, my family's holiday traditions would start on Christmas Eve. We would (almost) always go to church on Christmas Eve, and when we would come home there would be a lone present waiting under the tree with my name on it - my parents gave me a new set of PJs every Christmas Eve! For a solid five years, I received a flannel nightgown covered with teddy bears, and then when I was older I got pairs of plaid PJ pants and a matching top! This is definitely a tradition that I want to continue when I have kids of my own! 

On Christmas morning, I would wake up sometime around 7, and my parents would have already made a roaring fire in our fireplace downstairs. I would sit on the staircase with my teddy bear and dog to take an annual "Christmas morning" picture in my new PJs with Mannheim Steamroller playing out of my dad's 100-disk CD changer. About halfway through opening presents, my mom would warm up her coffee, make my dad and I hot chocolate, and pop Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the oven. (We would always have these on special occasions like Christmas or birthdays!) Every year, we would watch Charlie Brown and my all time favorite Christmas movie, Elmo Saves Christmas. 

Ryan's family has their own traditions as well, and we're slowly starting to merge the two and create our own! 

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?



  1. Getting pjs on Christmas Eve is such a great tradition! It's so nice to have a fresh pair of warm jammies for Christmas morning! Makes for better pictures on Christmas too lol

  2. These traditions sound so nice! I imagine such a warm, traditional, cozy Christmas. I love it!

  3. Such wonderful traditions!! I just love this time of year!