Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Favorites

It's crazy to think that I started this blog just a little over a year ago. With the end of the year right around the corner (read: tonight), I wanted to recap my favorite moments and posts of 2014! 

My first resolution last year was to start a blog, which I clearly did. I tried to write a hip and/or rad introductory post. You can be the judge of how that turned out. 

I met one of my favorite authors, Jodi Picoult, listened to her speak in Athens, OH. She signed seven of my books, and now I can die happy. 

I turned 22 and the world didn't end. I checked another item off of my New Year's resolutions when I finished my T-shirt quilt

I purged my closet and took a giant box of clothes to Goodwill. Yes, I did have a minor panic attack as I walked away. Soon after, I fought a spring cold. Shouldn't karma have been on my side after donating all that stuff?

I went through the five stages of finals week as I wrapped up my first year in my master's program. 

My blog got a beautiful makeover, and I discovered how delicious dragonberry screwdrivers can be. An entire month off work gave me some much needed perspective on my obsessive need to plan everything. 

I GOT ENGAGED! Some other things happened too, but this was obviously the most exciting and important. 

I wrote one of my favorite posts about my (imagined) perfect day with Taylor Swift. I bought my first new car, named Lucy. Ryan and I celebrated our four year anniversary. Some time around here I got hooked on Kim Kardashian Hollywood. 

Wedding venue was booked! 

We road-tripped to visit one of my bridesmaids in St. Louis for Labor Day weekend. I wrote another one of my favorite posts wondering how to plan my life when I won't have Rory Gilmore guiding it

My parents and I visited our favorite fall festival in Eastern Ohio. I was obsessed with Gone Girl, and I got completely hooked on Scandal. 

I spent Thanksgiving with Ryan's family for the first time. I STILL played Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Taylor Swift's music video for Blank Space struck a nerve

Ryan and I attended three Christmas parties in one day. I opened up about why I want to work in reproductive health, and I bought my wedding dress! 

Happy New Year everyone! 

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