Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Malory Archer is My Spirit Guide

Archer is literally, not figuratively, one of my favorite shows on Netflix and TV. I cannot wait for Season 6 to start this January. I love Malory's character because there isn't a time and a place for sarcasm - for her it's all the time and every place. There's just no filter there. So today I'm bringing you a list of situations when she said exactly what I was thinking but wasn't allowed to say out loud. Malory Archer is my spirit guide. 

Before, during, and after an Ohio State football game when beer is more of a priority than food:

When my perfectly stacked pile of mail falls off my desk at work:  

What I ask myself whenever I'm in a new place and there's not a minibar:  

Any and all interactions on a Monday morning: 

Reading an article about a new breakthrough in Public Health:  

Do you watch Archer? Who is your favorite character? 


  1. I love this show! I can't pick a favorite character. That's like picking your favorite child.

  2. Best show EVER! I love Pam and Cheryl/Carol/Cristal. Haha.