Tuesday, November 11, 2014

If I Were Olivia Pope

If I were Olivia Pope...

... I would probably definitely look down on people who drink Three-Buck Chuck as I sip on ridiculously expensive wine out of a glass bigger than my head

... I wouldn't make so many sacrifices for Fitz. Six years (and counting) is too long to wait around for someone who can only offer empty promises, even if he is the president. 

... On that note, I wouldn't have encouraged Fitz to put the presidency before me. That probably makes me a bad American, but whatever. 

... I would probably have a much better handle on my life than I do right now. 

... All of my sneaking suspicions about the government, secret agencies, and scandals would be confirmed true. 

... I would have the most beautiful collection of white coats that look similar but are actually all different and special. Just in general, my business professional wardrobe would be on point. 



... I would have a much bigger home than OP does now. Not that I would need it because I would be too busy to spend any time there. It would be decorated exactly the same, just more. 

... I would need years of therapy to sort out the mess my parents made in my brain. 

... I would definitely have had some sort of mental breakdown from all of the stress and scandal that goes on around me. 

... I never would have left that island. 

Come celebrate Becca's birthday with us!  



  1. I definitely never would have left the island either! And the coats... I love the coats!

  2. Her coats are divine...I wish I could pull them up but I'm sure I'd mess them up right away!

  3. Hahaha never would have left that island, exactly!!! Loving this season, it's sooo good!