Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Buckeye for Life

In six months, I will become a double graduate of my favorite place in the world - The Ohio State University. 

In six months I will no longer have to worry about term papers or finals because I'll be done. I'll be done with grad school, done going to class, and done with the chapter of my life that was being an Ohio State student.

In six months, I'll have to worry about finding alumni tickets for football games instead of sitting in the rowdy student section. (Just guessing, but I'm thinking it will no longer be acceptable to Buckeye Bounce and scream "Rip his f*cking head off!" every time we kick the ball away. Yes, you can hear it if you're watching on TV. Yes, it is one of my favorite parts of game day. 

In six months, I won't answer, "So what do you do?" with, "I go to Ohio State." I'll have to answer it with something adult and full-time. 

In six months, I won't walk around campus every day, smiling at all the crazy memories made there. (I still can't believe I jumped in a lake at the end of November, all in the name of hating Michigan. Twice.

In six months, I'm going to buy all of the alumni paraphernalia that exists in the whole world and deny that I won't be going back in the Fall. 

But in six months, I'll still be a Buckeye. Buckeye for life.