Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rainy Day Rituals

Today I’m linking up with Melissa and her October Blogging Challenge to talk about my rainy day rituals! My rainy days look very different depending on whether I have to leave the house for work/school  or if I can stay at home in yoga pants. 

If I have to leave the house…

If it’s a school or work day and I wake up and hear rain, I’m almost immediately get fussy. I just want to hide under the covers all day. Instead I have to get up, fail at planning an outfit around my obnoxiously colored bright yellow rain boots, and spend my day struggling to keep my umbrella from turning inside out as I walk to class and work.  I move more slowly, and I find it hard to focus. I probably should have just stayed home, I think to myself about 15 times before noon. My favorite part of the day is when I eventually make it home and, without question, start making comfort food. Probably something warm with squash, and I will eat it while wrapped as tightly as possible in my tie-fleece blanket.


If I don’t have to leave the house…

If it’s a weekend or a random day off during the week and I wake up and hear rain, I’m smiling before my eyes are even open.I lay in bed for a while just listening to the rain, then eventually shuffle over to my closet to pull out yoga pants and a well-worn OSU hoodie. (And you better believe I'm not changing out of them all day.) I head straight for the kitchen and make a cup of hot tea in the biggest mug I can find. And then another...and another. My favorite rainy days are spent Netflix binging or reading chapter after chapter of a good book while watching the rain coming down on our back deck. I'll usually wind up baking bread or cookies sometime during the day, mostly just to make the house smell amazing. Once it starts to get dark, I'll make Ryan light the fireplace (because it's scary), and one or both of us will make a cozy dinner. Again, probably something with squash. It just doesn't get any more cozy than that. 

Making Melissa


  1. I think because I worked in retail most of my life, I always loved rainy days because it usually meant we'd be a little slower :) If I can stay home, I'm alllllll about the couch sitting and netflix binging (or book reading)! It's like an excuse to be lazy :)

  2. i wish i had a fire place. oh my goodness that would be so cozy!