Friday, September 12, 2014

Thoughts While Watching Master Chef Junior

- Where did these EIGHT TO THIRTEEN year old kids learn to cook like this? 

- I can't even spell half of the ingredients these kids are using. 

- A 12 year old is making sushi. Can I hire him? He can sleep with the rabbits in our backyard. 

- Cactus salad?

Gordon Ramsay - "Are you making your own taco shells?"
Obviously they're making their own taco shells. Don't you make your own taco shells, Gordon? 

- The octopus is exploding. Maybe that's why 9 year olds shouldn't cook octopus. 

- These kids can cook better than me, and the girls have better top knots.

- I can't spell the other half of the ingredients these kids are using.

- Look at this shrimp dish that a 13 year old boy made:

I don't know about the 13 year old boys that you knew, but the ones I knew sure weren't cooking dishes like this. Otherwise I would have gotten married a loooong time ago. (Kidding, kidding.)

"I really like to make French pastries such as French Macaroons or Cream Puffs." - 13 year old Alexander
- Don't talk to me Alexander.

- Some of these kids can't even reach the stove. They have stools. Did they bring their own stools?


If you're a Hulu Plus subscriber, and are in the mood to watch kids 8-13 be better at life than I ever will be, binge watch Master Chef Junior this weekend. Watching Gordon Ramsay trying not to curse in front of these kids is absolutely priceless. 

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