Friday, August 22, 2014

Aaron Carter, Jager Bombs, and Courtesy?

My first concert was Aaron Cater. I was probably 8 or so, and I was SO excited. My parents took me, and we brought a blanket for the lawn and enough snacks to feed a small army. (A*Teens opened for him – can you even imagine anything better?!) Anyways, we ended up sitting next to this really obnoxious family. I guess I shouldn’t fault the whole family. It was really just the dad.

So I’m dancing my butt off to I Want Candy and Aaron tosses out a bunch of huge beach balls. They begin making their way back to where we were sitting. Bouncing…bouncing…and then one was coming right at me! I was so ready to hit and send it soaring into the sky. Then…BAM. Obnoxious Dad’s fist connects with my arm. I guess he had been winding up for a really big swing (AND WAS PROBABLY DRUNK HAD NO DEPTH PERCEPTION) and hit me instead. I, of course, started crying because it hurt. I remember him not really apologizing and just going after the next beach ball when it came our way. RUDE.

Ron Swanson says it best:

Flash forward 14 years, and I’m sitting at the bar in Buffalo Wild Wings watching a Blue Jackets game with Ryan. We were sitting next to this couple when one of their friends shows up. They ask us if we would mind moving down a seat. “Of course,” we said. “It’s no trouble at all!” And then they offer to buy us our next round as a thank you. Ignoring the fact that he ordered us Jager bombs, which we were definitely NOT already drinking, this was NOT RUDE. Not rude at all.

There’s just such a difference between the two responses. I like to believe that I won’t get out of control and punch a small child at a 1D concert or whatever artist is “hip” and “rad” when my future kids are smitten with a pop singer who lip syncs but more importantly kissed Lizzie McGuire that one time. (Weren’t we all DYING to be her?) But If I do? I would apologize profusely. I would offer to go get that kid a cotton candy or Dippin’ Dots or a T-Shirt or anything. For the wounded kid’s benefit as well as my own kids’, I would want them to see respect and consideration.  I would want them to see that it was an accident, and that I tried to make it right.

The guy at BWW reminded me that taking the time to appreciate the little things can actually be a really big deal for the person on the other end. He inspired me to make that effort. He reminded me that I maybe shouldn’t avoid speaking with all people. (Kidding…kind of.) All this from showing just a little courtesy. 

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  1. I rember that! I wanted to punch him and swear at him! But I also wanted to set a good example, so we made sure you were ok, gave him a mean look and stood guard at the edge of the blanket so he couldn't come that close again. His wife finally told him to sit down when he continued being so obnoxious! Never stoop to their level! Be kind and kindness will come back to you!