Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh, the Places You'll... Fall?

Today I’m linking up with Juliette to share one of my most embarrassing stories!
I feel like I should start by saying that, as an introvert, I don’t like to put myself in situations where things have the potential to become embarrassing. I have my share of embarrassing college stories, but I feel like at this point, that’s water under the bridge. I look at those moments a rite of passage, but more importantly, I don’t remember care. There’s one incident though, that always comes to mind when I think of embarrassing stories. Let’s go back to sixth grade…
There I was, just 12 years old, getting ready to graduate from sixth grade and go on to middle school. My school had a graduation event planned where family and friends could come watch us walk across the stage, get our little diploma and D.A.R.E. completion certificate. My mom had blow-dried my hair so it was poofy smooth (I wasn’t allowed to use a straightener yet), and I had a new skirt, blouse, and sandals to wear for the day. I was killing it.
My principal calls my name. I flounce walk across the stage, shake everyone’s hand, and just as I start to walk down from the stage… WHOOSH. My feet go flying up from underneath me, and I fall in front of everyone and their mother. (Literally.) I went back to my seat, trying not to cry. I was mortified.
I’ve since asked my friends if they remember this happening, and no one does. They remember getting their first copy of Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, being so happy to be done with sixth grade, and how amazing our teachers were that year. No one remembers me wiping out on the stage steps.
Even though no one remembers, that fall marked my transition into middle school. That awkward, embarrassing, mortifying fall. Someone should have told me at the time, “You know how you’re feeling now? You’re going to feel a little like this all the time for the next two years of your life.” Nothing else could have prepared me for middle school more.   



  1. Awesome story and tie to middle school! Love you! Mom

  2. Haha, yes, SO accurate of Middle School! lol

  3. I stared at the ground as I did my walk to the stage for my diploma at my high school graduation because I was so terrified of falling - and I wasn't even wearing heels haha