Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life in the City

I finally started my new job! The walls of the building may be a disturbing shade of mustard, (and I think my cube USED to have pink fabric covering it... it's definitely not pink any more) but  I have a lot to do already! I've had jobs in the past where my main job was to sit around, and I would just get so bored. At least this way, 8-5 will go pretty quickly.

I've learned quickly that lunch time looks like this:

In a public break room. How awkward.

And that people work longer days Monday - Thursday so that Fridays look like this: 

Because I work downtown, driving there isn't really an option. It's an option, but since I get a free bus pass through school, it's not the best option. I'm probably over-romanticizing this, but I've really enjoyed taking the bus the past two days. Because of the time of day, it's filled with business casually/professionally dressed people heading downtown to their jobs. I love looking at the stylish women to get ideas for outfits. The route goes through my favorite place in the city, so the view is awesome, and it's not a long ride. It would take me longer to drive, park, and walk to my building. I feel like a real adult, living in a much bigger city than I actually do, and I love it!

Have a great rest of the week - we're halfway there! 

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