Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Mindy Kaling just gets me.
Being in the same cubicle in the same office building around the same people for 40 hours/week means that you learn a lot about people very quickly. I like to listen to peoples’ conversations. Not because I’m nosy, I’m just curious. (Wait, is that the same thing?) I like people watching in public places. I like people listening at work.

As different as people are, many of their conversations are very similar. People talk about their kids, their spouses, their love lives. People talk about their morning coffee, the extravagant lunches they’ve packed. People talk about how out of control youths are,  how tired they are, and how they can’t wait to go home or for the weekend. People talk about how they make it through their days.
I’m a quiet person, and I don’t have kids or a spouse. (Yet!) I don’t drink coffee, and I find complaining to people I’ve just met uncomfortable. (Unless it’s on the blog of course.) I’m still figuring out where/how I fit in here at the office. Until I do, I make it through my day on at least two cups of tea and the knowledge that I have a glass of wine and a delicious dinner waiting for me at home. (I’ve packed a pb&j for lunch 11/12 days that I’ve been at this job, so dinners are a really big deal.) I daydream about moving upstairs to the reproductive health department because, let’s be honest, all I want is to give out condoms to teenagers and watch the STI rates fall like the teen pregnancy rates have. I look at pictures of friends and family on my pink leopard-print bulletin board that hangs in my cube. I promise it’s not as tacky as it sounds.
The point of this all is to say that it feels a little like high school when your class gets a new student from a city you’ve never heard of, and she seems nice and all, but also she likes some weird shit, and you don’t really know what to do with her. Except this time, I feel like the weird new student.
I know it’s not fair for me to expect to feel at home right away, especially since some of these people have been working together for 9+ years. I’m just saying it would be nice. Until then, Dwight will keep me company at my desk, and I’ll continue to make awkward conversations at lunch. It has work one of these days, right?

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  1. It'll get better! I remember that feeling at my first job - I have been working in VERY small companies since so they are kinda forced to like me, but I met two AMAZING people at first job that I talk to constantly now :)