Monday, June 9, 2014

Game Changer

You guys. I have the most exciting news of my whole life to share. I'm engaged!!! 

It happened a little over a week ago. Ryan took me out for sushi and putt-putt, which was one of our first dates nearly four years ago. We came home and were out on the back deck talking about our future, and he knelt down on one knee. I thought he was joking. (Remember The Office when Jim tricked Pam?!) 

Turns out Ryan wasn't kidding. He gave me the most beautiful ring I've ever seen, and I hate taking it off even to shower. We refer to it as "The Precious" like Lord of the Rings. We really are a match made in Heaven. 

I've been a little absent on the blog lately because I had this news to share, but I had to make sure I told all of my family before I posted it here. I tried to come up with other posts, but honestly, I couldn't think of anything even marginally as exciting as this. But now it's out, and I've been binge watching Say Yes to the Dress, and life just looks really good right now. If you have any advice or helpful tips about planning weddings, I would love to hear it!

Linking up with Rachael for the Weekly Wrap Up. (This still counts even though it happened last weekend, right?) 


  1. Ahhh congrats, this is so exciting! So happy for you :-)

  2. Aww, that is fantastic news!! That's great that he picked out such a perfect ring for you, too. :)

  3. I'm so excited for you!!!!! I can't wait to come to your wedding, you better invite me haha

  4. Oh sweet girl!!! Congratulations!!!! Such exciting news for sure!