Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Last 10

Today I'm sharing with you the most recent 10 pictures that are on my phone's camera roll! (100% borrowing this idea from Rachael!) I'm not including duplicates or the 16 recipes that I grabbed out of various cookbooks over the weekend. Here we go!

1.) The CoverGirl coral nail polish that I received for free after it rang up as the wrong price at Kroger. Love love love.

2.) I posted this picture on Sunday, but I'm including it again to talk about how much I'm loving this book! I love fashion even though I'm not the best at it, and I've loved learning more about Coco Chanel's history, style, and inspirations. 

3 & 4.) These two pictures are from a girls day that I had last week! We spent the day celebrating being done with finals, baking, and (of course) sipping on some pinot. 

5.) From the same girl's day, these Shakespeare quote magnets are on my friend's refrigerator. She brought them back from London on the study abroad trip that we went on together!  

Obviously not an edited photo... blame the wine for the off-center-ness.

6.) I found this on Twitter, and it could not describe my unruly red hair more perfectly.

7 & 8.) Awkward selfie and giant bean burger at Buffalo Wild Wings watching Stanley Cup Hockey. Eating my stress feelings. 

9.) After a day of patio beer drinking, I decided that I needed a koozie immediately. No more of this warm beer business. I looked on Amazon and found these bad boys. (Definitely not what I started out looking for.) I don't have a pool, but how great would these be in the bath??

10.) Getting my exercise on around the neighborhood.