Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Silver Linings (No Playbook)

Remember back in April when I announced that I would be starting a new job at the beginning of May? Well, I haven't started yet. For one reason or another, my start date was pushed back and then pushed back again. I was really bummed out at first. I had mentally prepared myself to start working 40 hours/week 20 days ago, and let's be honest, I was looking forward to having a little more money coming in. I already knew where my first paycheck was going to go. (Hello beautiful Day Designer!) In short - my plans changed. 

I don't like change. I'm a planner. I like knowing when things are going to happen in my life. I write them down and expect them to happen. Crossing out my start date in my planner not once, but twice, well, I was beside myself. I wasn't thinking about the positives, only that my plan was not happening accordingly. (Drama queen over here. aka Type A personality.) 

With the exception of having to dip into my savings account, this little vacation has actually been quite the blessing. I've been able to focus on my May Session class without having to pull 12+ hour days. I've painted my nails so many times. I've seen friends and visited home. I've finished How I Met Your Mother. I've read so many books. I've relaxed

At the end of the day, no matter how much I plan and schedule, my life is not going to match what I write in my planner. There will be hiccups. Life will get in the way. (Or HR in this case.) I didn't know it at the time, but this little vacation was the absolute best way I could have spent my May. I'm learning to roll with the punches and enjoy life as it comes. (aka learning to not be such a drama queen.)


  1. I am totally the same way, I once had a professor call me obsessive compulsive, and I was so angry. It sucks when you just like organization and life to go the way you had planned and then it doesn't! So glad you saw the bright side of this semi difficult situation!!! xoxo

  2. Sometimes a little time off is just what is needed!

  3. Such a fantastic perspective, love! You're exactly right--sometimes you just have to enjoy the time for yourself that you've been given! I'm the same way about hating when plans don't work out. But I'm glad you've had some time to regroup before jumping into the grind! Once it starts it never stops!

  4. Great outlook, doll! Enjoy the extra time while you have it. You will not be sorry for purchasing that Day Designer. I swoon over mine every day!