Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My First Blate

Does it count as a blate if you've known each other for eight years? Rachael and I decided yes. 

Although we didn't go to the same high school, Rachael and I met each other in high school through a mutual friend. I seriously think I spent more time in her hometown than I spent in mine. 

Junior year prom!

Random bonfire
We fell a little out of touch in college (typical) but I still read her blog religiously. (Not sure if you knew that, Rachael!!) It finally worked out that we were home at the same time, so we decided to get together for coffee. We browsed all around Barnes and Noble looking at travel books, dieting/self help books, and spiritual books. We bought matching copies of Joyce Meyer's The Confident Woman Devotional. I oogled over her Whitney English Day Designer.

It was so great to get together and catch up, although now I'm realizing that we didn't take any pictures while we were together! Whoops. Just look at the pictures above and picture us older, wiser, and without bangs. 


  1. i say it counts as well ;) love the old school pics! and i think i need to check out that book, though i do not need a planner so i will not click on that link, i will not click on that link...

  2. OMG girl, those old pictures!! haha. I didn't know you still read my blog!! ;) #flattered

  3. Aw I love Rachael! That's awesome that you guys got to meet up again after so many years.