Friday, May 9, 2014

Dragonberry Screwdrivers

It's finally starting to warm up outside, and that means light, fruity drinks! There are few things I love more than having a summer-y drink outside in the sun. (Usually with a good book open next to me!) A girlfriend introduced me to Bacardi Dragonberry Rum back in the fall, mixed with cranberry juice. YUM.  But can we start by talking about how weird dragon fruit actually is?? 

Freaking weird. 

Anyways, I've had a bottle of this stuff sitting on my shelf for the longest time because I was afraid of mixing it with anything but cranberry juice. I came home yesterday to a very dry house, with the exception of this weird rum. Found some OJ in the fridge. Thought to myself, what the hell, and gave it a go. 

1.) Organize your supplies. OJ, ice, dragonberry rum, drinking glass, shot glass. 

2.) Start with the ice in your cup. Then take one shot of rum (approximately 1.5 oz.) and pour over ice. 

3.) Add some OJ to your glass until the taste of rum doesn't make you gag. Or whatever floats your boat. 

4.) Stir.

5.) Take outside and enjoy in the sun! 

(If you're fancier than me, put all of the ingredients into a shaker, shake like those cute babies in the Huggies commercial, and pour into your cup.) 

I didn't say it above, but I really like how this drink turned out! I've always liked regular screwdrivers, but the dragonberry rum made it extra fruity and delicious. Call me crazy, but it reminded me a little bit of those Willy Wonka Gobstoppers. Bottoms up! 


  1. I loooooooove a good summery cocktail! Thanks for sharing :-D PS--how have you been!? :)

  2. Ummmm this sounds fabulous! I love a good Summer beverage :) Happy weekend!

  3. YUM these look awesome - i've been hunting for summer drinks lately, i should try this!