Friday, April 25, 2014

The 5 Stages of Finals Week

1) It's the last day of classes, and all you can think about is summer. Psh, finals. Whatever. You're sure they won't be that bad, and decide worry about them after celebrating the end of classes. You're feeling on top of the world because it's basically summer vacation.

2) After curing all of your hangovers, you realize that finals are actually happening. Like, soon. Not soon enough to actually care, but they're on your radar. Also on your radar are Netflix, wine, hockey, and an overwhelming amout of social media, all at the same time. You tell yourself that you're being productive because your textbook is open on the other side of your room.

3) Shit, why did you wait so long to start studying?? Finals are in two days! Cue 5 hour energies and cramming and stress and baseball hats because you have no time to wash your hair. You're more shambly than you can even believe.

4) Final time. You've got this! You studied so hard and there's no way you're going to fai - WHERE DID THESE QUESTIONS COME FROM? This was NOT covered in class!

5) It's over... until the next test.


  1. Oh, girl. I haven't had finals in a realllllllly really long time (Oh, god. How old AM I?) but my husband and I live on a college campus (he's a football coach here) and the poor students are walking around like zombies. At wing night on Wednesday (at the one and ONLY bar in town) everyone was all jazzed up because it was the last day of classes and Thursday was reading day and they were all like "PARTY TIME." But now, looking out my window? They all look very, very sad. Hah! GOOD LUCK!! You've got this!

  2. this gif selection was spot on. especially the George Michael one.