Thursday, April 3, 2014

Teen Mom 2 Thoughts

Maybe I should have included this in yesterday’s Humpday Confessions, but Teen Mom 2 is one of my absolute favorite guilty pleasures. (It used to be Teen Mom, but there aren’t new episodes anymore, and Teen Mom 3 just doesn’t do it for me.) The girls are 22 now, same as me. I don’t fault them for getting pregnant in the first place, because it’s old news and hi, sex ed in our country is terrible. I just question some of the things that they’ve done since then! I’ve been keeping up with the current season, and I just have SO MANY judgments thoughts. (Lookout for spoilers!)

Chelsea – Chelsea has always been my favorite mom of the bunch, and her daughter could not be any cuter. I’ve been impressed with how Chelsea has gotten her act together during this season! She graduated from her program, found a job, and has been doing a great job taking care of Aubree. Adam, on the other hand, has too many tattoos and too many DUIs. Gross.

Kailyn – I don’t have too much to say about Kailyn. I like Javi. It’s a good thing she stopped hitting him so they could get married It’s exciting that they’re having a baby. Isaac has an adorable personality. It sucks they have to drive so far to give him to Jo.

Leah – I feel so bad for Leah. Ali’s medical condition has to be so difficult to deal with on top of having two other kids and a husband who is away from home for weeks at a time. I cannot imagine having to deal with that much at 21. She and Jeremy have had some rocky times because of his work situation, and I can honestly see both sides. I would feel lonely if my husband worked away from home so often, but I would try to be appreciative that he is wiling to make that sacrifice. I can see how Jeremy might feel that she doesn’t value what he is doing for their family. (Apparently he told Leah that he wanted a divorce? The end of Tuesday’s episode wasn’t totally clear about that.)

Janelle – You guys. I CAN’T. In her self-recap, we learn that she met a guy, got married, got arrested, and was filing for divorce. Then she met a new guy and after TWO MONTHS together, they decided that they wanted to have his baby. So she went off her birth control, and now she’s preggers. Honestly, I get wanting to have a baby. I want a baby. I just know that I would want to know the father for more than two months, and ideally not be married to someone else. And why does she introduce all of these guys to Jace? I don’t understand. I was excited to see that she had improved her relationship with her mother, so small miracles, I guess.

Have you been keeping up with Teen Mom 2? What are your thoughts on this season? 


  1. oh my god - I don't keep up with this at all but I used to be OBSESSED with them and I read any headline about them. So thank you for the recap. Janelle - I can't with her. Kailyn always annoyed me. Leah was my favorite - she always seemed like such a good mother!