Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ode to Allergy Medicine

Dear sweet knockoff Zyrtec,

How can I begin to express my love for you? You guard my eyes, nose, and throat against the horror that is Springtime allergies. You make nature not only accessible, but enjoyable. Sometimes you do your job too well, allowing me to stay outside long enough for my pale skin to burn.

Thank you for making my eyes stop itching. Thank you for making my nose stop running. Those who interact with me thank you for putting an end to my earth shattering sneezes. You make life more than tolerable. Dare I say, you make life worth living. Allergy medicine, I love you so.

Happy Spring everyone!



  1. allergies especially seasonal ones are yucky i am glad you are getting relief but i have to ask have you ever thought of using essential oils to help with your springtime allergies??