Saturday, April 12, 2014

Exciting Upcomings

I am so excited for this coming week. Here's why:

1) Ryan and I planted a bunch of seeds today. I usually buy flats of flowers to plant, but this year, I wanted to try starting my own from seeds. We also planted spinach and green onions in bigger containers. (I had wanted to make a huge garden in the yard this summer, but I think that'll be a project for next summer. Plus I'll have a whole year to pin ideas!) Anywho, I'm hoping that some of the seeds sprout this week!

2) My last day at my job is Friday! Now that there's an end in sight, I've been enjoying my time with the kids much more. I'm (almost) a little sad to leave.

3) This is the last week of classes for this semester! 6 classes, then finals, then Summer!!

4) The temperature is above 70 - hello sundresses and sandals and shorts. (Please, no one look at my ghostly white legs... #gingerproblems)

5) Every week that passes is one week closer to the opening X-Men Days of Future Past. (We just got a magazine in the mail with blue Jennifer Lawrence on the cover and I squealed.) 

6) On the same note, every week that passes is one week closer to when I start my new job! I've been having so much fun shopping for and accessorizing new work clothes. 

All from H&M. My favorite store for affordable work attire. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I can't wait for sundress weather.. but my legs are ghostly white too!!

  2. i live in a condo so we only have a little patio, but i realllly want to get a few planters out there for some small veggies!