Sunday, March 23, 2014

Out With the Old

Yesterday was Spring Cleaning at my apartment. I could barely see the floor of my bedroom, and it was driving me absolutely insane. I couldn't focus on my homework; I couldn't relax. My room is too small for all of my things, and I knew that making a "To Donate" pile was a must in the cleaning process. I vacuumed, dusted, and attempted to organize my makeup and jewelry in an accessible way. The biggest part of the day, however, was finally donating the size 0 jeans that I had owned since high school.

I had 6 pairs of jeans in my dresser that didn't fit. For about two years, they were in there, just taking up space. At first, they were just tight. Then it got to a point where I knew they didn't fit, but I held on to them anyways. A small part of me wanted to start dieting and exercising like crazy with the goal of fitting into these tiny pants again.

Finally pulling these pants out of my dresser gave me a huge sense of relief. I don't have the body of a stick thin 17 year old anymore, but I'm okay with it. Some people get rid of pants as they lose weight to remind themselves that there's no going back.

Like Cam from Modern Family!

Donating these jeans felt similar. There is no going back to my curve-less, high school body, and this was the final step in accepting it. I like pizza and wine and cookies, and I have no interest in cutting these things out just to squeeze back into a pair of pants. Is this what growing up feels like?


  1. I've gotten to that point, too. Yes, I'm trying to lose weight, but you know what holding onto size 4 jeans (when I"m an 9/10) is a little obnoxious! aha.

  2. You are a WOMAN. That's what I kept having to tell myself with my pants, too. I've always been a smaller girl, but 0s were a thing of my past haha! I appreciate the fact that I have a woman's body. I actually got really sick last year and lost too much weight. My friend is pregnant and was giving me some of her old clothes--and there were some pants in the pile and I just laughed at her (she's always been a 0). They actually fit right now, and I felt ashamed of myself. No 28 year old should be able to fit a size 0, in my opinion.