Monday, March 17, 2014

Is It Summer Yet?

4 reasons that I'm excited for summer, all thanks to American Eagle.

1.) This fun belt with all the colors. Perfect for cinching any maxi dress and adding a pop of color.

2 & 3.) These head bands. 

They remind me of the head wraps Lucille Ball would wear in I Love Lucy. Channeling my 50's spirit animal. 

4.) My newfound ability to rock overalls. (#sorrynotsorry for the dressing room mirror pic.)

Should've been born in the south. 

I've always been a basic shorts and tank tops kind of girl, but I'm looking forward to mixing up my wardrobe with these accessories this summer. Just waiting on this 30 degree weather to go away for good! 


  1. the overalls are SO cute - I wish I could rock em!

  2. Could those overalls be any cuter on you? Sheesh! Adorable! I'm so craving summer. Give me shorts and tank tops any day! And bright nail polish!!!