Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Things I Learned in Undergrad

At the risk of sounding cliche, my college experience went fast. I graduated in three years with a degree in English Literature. (Thanks mom and dad for encouraging that dead-end endeavor.) Today I'm sharing the 5 most important things that I learned outside of the classroom during those three years.

1.) College is more like high school than you hope it will be. There is constant gossip in the halls of your dorm. If you kiss a boy on your floor, your roommates will know before you've even had the chance to remember. Cliques still exist, and people still stereotype. If you need a crash course in cliques and stereotypes, Mean Girls can help you out. Mean Girls can always help you out.


2.) Speaking of Mean Girls, the Mean Girls drinking game will forever be one of the most fun things to do with your roommates.

3.) There comes a time when you realize that not all of your friendships will make it past graduation. The craziest part is that after a while, that becomes okay. Whether it be due to falling out of touch, growing apart, or the fact that some people are just plain shitty, not every friendship is meant to last forever. There is a difference between the people who love you after a few shots and the people who will take you out for a few shots and bring you Gatorade the next morning because they're standing by you for the worst day/week/month/year of your life.

4.) The more years spent away from home, the more homesick you feel. You could never imagine moving back home, but breaks never give enough time to visit your family and most importantly your pets.

5.) The thought of life after college is basically unimaginable. The notion of grad school will be tossed around by seemingly every person whom you come into contact with, like it's so easy to get in. The thought of applying for a full time job, however, with your Bachelor's degree in one of the many Humanities subjects is actually unimaginable. Shout out to your alma mater for looking favorably on internal applicants. 

What are some of your most valuable lessons learned, both in and out of college? 

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