Wednesday, March 19, 2014

19 on the 19th

I may be behind on readings for class and putting off a paper, but I most certainly have time to share with you 19 likes and dislikes.

Things I love:

1.) All things Marvel. Captain America: The Winter Soldier cannot come out soon enough. (Although I'm not too sure about this whole Guardians of the Galaxy business.)

2.) Online shopping. With all of the new summer lines coming out, it's seriously becoming a problem. I need someone to take my credit card away. Too bad I've memorized the card number...

3.) Benedict Cumberbatch. (Star Trek Into Darkness is definitely playing in the background.) But seriously, from Smaug to Sherlock to Khan, I could watch him all day.

4.) Talking about sex. Not in the 17-year-old gossip kind of way. I love educating middle, high school, and college students about safe sex. As a general rule, my own experiences are not up for discussion.

5.) Covergirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm.

I have two of these lip balms in Watermelon Twist and Blush Twist. They're long lasting, moisturizing, and are so easy to apply. Love Covergirl! 

6.) Online boutiques. Looking at you, The Modern Tulip and Fifth & Mae. (See number 2.) 

7.) Pokemon. I'm a huge nerd. Last fall, I went through a phase and downloaded Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald to play on my computer. When I saw that the series was new on Netflix, I squealed with joy. 

8.) The Little Penguin. 

Are these bottles not the CUTEST.

9.) Live theater. I cannot wait to see The Book of Mormon with my mom in May! 

10.) The Office. I have a Dwight bobblehead on my desk. Jim and Pam forever.

Things I don't love: 

1.) That state up north.

Kid knows what's up. 
2.) Having my sleep disrupted. 

3.) Grad school, but just because it's challenging and also homework. I love public health, but earning this degree is going to kill me a lot of work. 

4.) 8:00am classes.

5.) Teenage angst. 

6.) Scarlett Johanson. 

7.) Dishonesty. 

8.) How sweatpants aren't appropriate workplace attire. (Dressing up is fun when it's something that I do for me. Less fun when it's a daily requirement.) 

9.) Kristen Stewart and Twilight. I can't. 

But really though. 

Linking up with Kathy for Humpday Confessions! 


  1. ugh, kristen stewart. i have no idea how she's an actress.

    i also have the dwight bobble head!! got that as a present and i love it.

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Kristen Stewart is an idiot. If I could wear yoga pants to work I'd be a much happier person!

  3. LOL that Twilight drinking game is funny! I didn't love or hate the movies I'm sort of indifferent to it all!

  4. Online shopping is the best AND worst thing that's ever happened to me.