Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What I'm Loving This Week

I swear I have new favorite things every week: songs, jewelry, clothes, spaces in my house, you name it. I thought I'd share some of this weeks favorites with you all!

Here's what I'm loving this week:

In the home: We picked up pairs of these pillows at Ikea last weekend, and I am obsessed. The lower left corner of the map pillow even has a little whale on it!

To drink: There's this great sports bar near my apartment that serves drinks in giant chalices two days/week for ridiculously low prices. How pretty (and delicious) does this drink look?

In my closet: I have been expanding my collection of rings over the past few months. I have small hands and have previously had trouble finding rings that fit, but I have found some great pieces. I like jewelry that makes a statement but isn't too over the top. I also like pieces that can be paired with all sorts of colors and styles.My favorite this week is this little guy. Hoot hoot! 

Source: Old Navy

On Netflix: I've been rewatching Sister Wives this week. It's on in the background as I write this, and Robyn is about to give birth to Solomon. I'm so enthralled. Don't judge. 

What are some things that you're loving this week? 

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  1. That drink looks yummy! And OMG I used to watch Sister Wives all the time, it's so interesting!