Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quilting with T-Shirts

I have been talking about making a T-shirt quilt since I graduated high school. I had dreams of having enough space in my dorm to have my sewing machine. Remember Paris's craft corner in Gilmore Girls?

What dorm has this much space? And a fireplace!? 

After I realized (again) that Gilmore Girls had set unrealistic expectations for college life, I knew that this project would most likely be pushed back until after I graduated. Undergrad came and went, and my T-shirt collection grew larger each year. It eventually got to the point that my dresser drawer was overflowing, and something just had to be done. It was time. 

I first laid out all of the shirts that I wanted to include in the quilt. This was difficult because I wanted to use an unrealistic number - I wanted even the shirts with minimal significance to be included.

Tentative layout
The next step was cutting the shirts. Oh my GOSH was this part stressful. It wasn't like any old sewing project where, if you mess up, you just cut another piece. There was only one of each shirt! So many deep breaths were taken to keep myself calm during this process.

I wanted to outline each of the shirt squares with a fabric to make the quilt look more complete. After hours spent at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I found a border print that didn't clash with any of the T-shirt patterns. 

After I had all of my fabric cut, it was time to start sewing!

I pieced the quilt together over about 3 weekends. When was putting in the final stitches, I remember thinking that I was more proud of this quilt than I was of myself when I got my first grad school acceptance. (#priorites?) 

The finished product!

The quilt is oversized on my full bed, and fits a queen perfectly. This was an absolutely amazing way for me to preserve so many high school and college shirts - I love snuggling up under some of my favorite memories when it's time for bed! 

If you are interested in having a T-shirt quilt made, please email me at refiningbliss@gmail.com to discuss size, color, and pricing options! 

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  1. I have one from my mom for Girl Scout memories, too! I love them!