Monday, February 24, 2014

Painting and Wine and Pottery, Oh My!

I've always been under the impression that a birthday shouldn't be celebrated for just one day. Which is why I was so excited that I was able to continue my birthday celebrations this weekend!

After a long day of work on Friday, I couldn't wait to check out Clay Cafe and paint some pottery with one of my old roommates! I painted an oversized mug and she chose a vase. Afterwards we relaxed with wine and margaritas because, duh.

These little guys are the best. 

 To top it all off, we found Miley Cyrus's LOL on Netflix.

This movie was hilarious... hilariously awful. There was no plot, terrible dialogue, and some really rough acting. I just kept waiting for something to happen. (Still waiting.) At the start of the movie, Miley introduces herself as "Lola. But all of my friends just call me Lol." Throughout the ENTIRE movie, no one called her Lol. (lol.) That being said - go watch it with your best friend. It was good for oh so many laughs. 

My mom was feeling better after being sick last weekend, so she was able to come up to visit on Saturday. She had a surprise day planned that started with the most amazing brunch (banana walnut pancakes!) and ended with, you guessed it, pottery painting. It was fun to go back and choose a bigger piece that I had been eyeing the night before. 

So excited to have a new centerpiece for my kitchen table!

I decided to try a new technique on the inside. 1.) Choose a lace design. 2.) Lay lace down. 3.) Paint over lace in desired color. 4.) Panic panic panic. 5.) Pull lace off. 


I cannot wait to see how the colors come out after the pieces are fired in the kiln!

Sunday was spent reading over 300 pages in Jodi Picoult's newest book, The Storyteller. Jodi, you did it again with the plot twists! I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the ground. 

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  1. Wait, I've always kinda wanted to watch that movie haha (I'll probably never admit that ever again) Your weekend sounds perfect because margs duh!


  2. Your mini review of LOL made me LOL! At the movie theater I used to work at, this psycho guy kept calling and yelling at me because we never got the movie!! He would call every week and ask if we had it and then when I told him no, he would go on a rant about how we should get it. This went on for like a month, and when I finally looked up to see what the movie was about I couldn't help but laugh!

  3. Thanks for linking up girl! That pottery looks really fun! And LOL seems so stupid!! haha.