Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Beginning

Hi there everyone! Welcome to my blog, Refining Bliss. I’m just your average twenty-something lover of yarn, baking, and sexual health education, making my way through graduate school. I’d love to share my experiences with all of you!

This is actually my second attempt at starting a blog; I stopped writing in my first after about six months. I had been using it as a way to practice semi-professional writing, and after a while posting just felt like a chore. This blog, however, will be more focused on me and my experiences – more for fun, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

So why Refining Bliss? This is the first time that I’ve set resolutions for myself to accomplish in the New Year, and they all seemed to settle around one common theme – happiness. My goals target many aspects of health and happiness, all combining to help me achieve a more balanced, blissful life as I work toward my master’s degree.

Thanks for joining me on my journey. Stay a while? 

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